Newspaper Article — 15th June 1988

Pianist Recovered to Hospital

A series of musical performances at the Castle Observatory came to a tragic end yesterday evening. Famed pianist Frederic Ernst collapsed of a suspected panic attack during an encore of La Gouttière, his award winning composition.

Visitors described their horror as Mr Ernst plunged into the front row of spectator seats, after rising from his piano without any apparent difficulty. Those positioned farther away could not at first understand why the performance was interrupted in such a bizarre fashion.

Fellow musician Carine Bouliere, who has medical training, rushed to Mr Ernst’s aid.

“I didn’t stop to think,” Bouliere said. “I was out of my seat as soon as he stopped playing. When he turned to the crowd with a strange look upon his face—that’s when I knew.”

Ms Bouliere blamed pressure for the pianist’s collapse.

The 64-year old, who served during the Allied Invasion of Normandy, has not performed publicly since 1983.

Ms Bouliere and staff took care of Mr Ernst until an ambulance arrived. Mr Ernst’s partner, Jasmine Kleer, left in a separate vehicle without making comment.