Newspaper Article — 8th February 1999

Funding Boost for K:Katsu

Reno, NV.


It has been announced that K:Katsu Racing Team (KRT) will remain active in motorsport after receiving significant funding from an anonymous investor.

Owner Yoji Cross said he wants to protect the identity behind the funds.

“I know who decided to help us,” said Cross, “but I don’t know them personally.”

Mr Cross’ team are now expected to enter the Lucid Lines 1999 GP later this year without any additional sponsorship, although he expects the news to generate interest in the team.

“We have made and received some calls, but no guarantees.”

Times have been difficult for KRT, after an accident last July in which lead driver Kohta Sakai lost his life in a serious accident. An independent investigation found KRT at fault, with Sakai’s vehicle declared unfit for purpose. The verdict struck a blow against Yoji Cross and KRT, with 6 major sponsors withdrawing support.

KRT are famous for their unusual car designs, developed in-house at their headquarters in Tokyo. Their most successful project, the V12-powered Torment, led the team to numerous victories in the late 1980s.

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